BISHIEPRO: Halloween Mystery Art Box

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- Start: Sep 6th, 2019 - End: Sep 30th, 2019
Ships: October 21ST-25TH, 2019

○ Can I choose the items or which series I will get?

No, these boxes are random mystery art boxes. If you wish to get specific items or a specific series we recommend ordering individual sale items.

○ What comes in each art box?

- Mini Mystery Box:
5x7 Postcard + Can Badge + (Halloween Postcard Gift)
Value: $24.00 - Price: $10.00

- Medium Mystery Box:
8.5x11 Poster + Can Badge + Acrylic Charm + (Halloween Postcard Gift)
Value: $39.00 - Price: $20.00

- Large Mystery Box:
12x18 Poster + Can Badge + Acrylic Charm + (Halloween Acrylic Charm Gift)
Value: $49.00 - Price: $30.00

○ Series included in our art boxes: 

Hero Academia, Hypnosis Mic, Ten Count, Persona 5, Yuri on Ice, Mystic Messenger and more!

Halloween Gift includes Demon Slayer Giyuu x Tanjiro postcard OR acrylic charm please read carefully for box options as only the large box will include charm gift.

All sales and profits will go towards making more projects for our studio BISHIEPRO for 2020. Including FanArt works from popular anime/game series, and works that we are currently planning for our original project. This includes character design and official website design. 

First other current and previous works we have done in our Instagram @bishiepro or our portfolio

Artist/Designer: RIKU - Artist/Illustrator: KUSO-TAISA