Q. What is VIP ORDER?

It is our newest ordering system, with VIP ORDER you will be able to place as many orders as you want for both in-stock and pre-order items from our online store without having to pay separate shipping fees. What does this intel? This means your items will stay on hold within our warehouse until everything you ordered has arrived and is ready to ship to you. Here are some of the exclusive benefits of this ordering system:

  • Create a free customer account and keep track of all past and current purchases as well as shipping status.
  • Keep all your personal information within our secure network ran by Shopify to ensure privacy and safety.
  • Have all your orders on hold until everything has arrived and is ready to ship to your location.
  • Pay shipping for one bulk purchase instead of multiple shipping fees, helping you save more by paying less shipping.
  • Add from both in-stock and pre-order items even if the pre-order item/s are not released until weeks/months later.
  • As a customer, you choose when you want your order shipped. Please read the "hold policy period" for more details.
  • Have a monthly budget? No problem, we can wait until you are ready to pay for your shipping even if it's weeks later.
  • The only thing that you pay in advance is the items themselves. No extra fees or charges for holding multiple orders.

Q. How do I create a free customer account?

Create an account by clicking the middle person icon on the top of our page header. Here are some of the great benefits of creating an account:

  • Keep track of all your orders, including in-stock and pre-orders.
  • Update your email and shipping information at any time.
  • Add items to your wishlist, check shipping status and earn BISHIEBUCKS!
  • Accounts keep all your personal information safe and secure, as well as your payment information.
  • Q. How do I place an order?

  • Hover over "What's VIP Order?" in our header and it will show the order form link.
  • Fill out all the information required to match the account you made in our store.
  • Make a list of direct links to products in our online store that you want to add to your order. Want to order more than one item? No problem, just follow the same format as the first one for each additional item you want to add.
  • Send your order and our online team will send you an invoice with all the items listed in your order. The invoice will not include shipping or any other additional fees aside from item price. Please wait 12/24 hours to receive your invoice. If any items sale our before you can place an order our team will ensure to let you know beforehand.
  • Forgot to add an item? No problem! Just send us a new email and add any additional item/s you wish to add to your order. There are no extra fees so feel free to add as many items as you want at any time.

    Q. Can I still place an order without using this new ordering system?

    Yes! This ordering system is just for those who want to add multiple items through time without having to pay a shipping fee every single time they place an order. We understand sometimes new items come out very fast for pre-order but it may not be possible to pay for shipping every single time due to budget or other personal reasons. We are creating this method of order to help everyone who wants to save some money. Especially those who live internationally! Shipping gets higher and higher every year and it's much cheaper shipping multiple items at a time than multiple single items.

    Q. Is it possible to buy items that don't show on your online store?

    Yes! Send us a link to the item you're looking for, if our company can get it we will be more than happy to order it in your behave. Save time and money by letting us do all the work of proxy service so you don't have to. Contact us at any time for any special or exclusive items you would like to buy from Japan!

    Q. What can I do in case of a lost or missing package after shipping?

    Shipments that are lost by the postal service cannot be refunded or exchanged by us, but you must contact your local post office with your tracking number and open a claim for your lost package in order for them to search it. If you require any information from us please contact us and we will assist you in any way we can in order to find your package.

    All domestic and international orders are dispatched with tracking numbers. If your order has been stolen from your home or mailbox upon delivery please contact your local post office right away and file a police report. We do not have any special access or connections to any postal service upon dispatch, and we can not refund or exchange any stolen packages that have been marked as delivered by the postal service. Please do not contact us with requests of where you want your package placed upon delivery such as; the back door, front door, patio, etc. That's something only your local post office has the ability to do, and we have no jurisdiction over.

    Q. Why is payment due ahead of the released date for pre-orders?

    Pre-order items especially for popular series/characters sell out much faster and are frequently not available after the released date. In order for us to avoid missing out on such exclusive items, we pay for our orders in advance. Due to that, we require only that the items be paid in advance but not the shipping. We will take care of any shipping fees from Japan to us and the only shipping you will ever be charged is the shipping from our location in the USA to you. No additional shipping fees, no extra charges, no hassle.

    Q. What is the hold policy period?

    The current hold policy period is as follows:

  • 1-10 Items: Will hold for a period of 3 months.
  • 10+ Items: Will hold for a period of 6 months.
  • This includes in-stock items and pre-orders. The holding period starts from the day you made your first purchase hold. Customer accounts are a great way to keep track of when you placed your first order and hold deadlines. Some exclusions may apply depending on requiring a longer holding period.

    Q. What is the cancellation, exchanges, and refund policy?

    Cancellations must be requested within the first 48 hours of placing a new order. After the window period ends we will no longer be able to cancel your order. We keep track of each customer's order cancellation totals. If you cancel items more than 2 times within a period of one month. We will no longer be able to accept any future orders from your customer account.

    Why do we limit cancellations?

    In order to be fair to all of our customers we have limited the cancellation policy to only 2 per month, 3 per 6 months, or 4 per year. Requesting further cancellations within the time period will result on account cancellation.

    Can no be canceled, no exceptions:

  • The cancellation was requested after the 48 hour window period.
  • The cancellation was requested after the package was already shipped.
  • The cancellation was requested for items that have been on hold for weeks or months. This applies to both in-stock and pre-order items.
  • ----------

    Exchanges are not accepted unless you received the wrong order or the wrong items. Pictures will be asked if this happens to verify your order with the items you received.

  • BISHIEBOX is not responsible for any lost packages, misplaced, or delivery failure by the post office. Please contact them directly with your tracking number if your package has been lost, stolen, or was not delivered. Once packages have left our warehouse we can not be held responsible for the post office handling and delivery.
  • Packages that require extra protection are packed with recyclable stuffing, cardboard, and extra tape to avoid the damage. Special birthday packaging options are also available upon request. Fees for any custom or special packaging may apply.
  • ----------

    Refunds may take anywhere from 4-7 days to return back into your account after processing has started.

    Eligible for a Refund:

  • The item/s you order sold out and can't be shipped to you. Computer quantity errors, or inventory miscount.
  • Lost packages or items within our warehouse before shipping.
  • Not eligible for a Refund:

  • Not reading our Sale Terms, VIP Order Terms, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, or Frequent Asked Questions.
  • Not reading the item descriptions or estimated arrival dates. The shipping process for in-stock items varies on convention and holiday schedule. Please check and follow our social media to get news and updates!
  • Q. What is BISHIEBUCKS?

    Welcome to our new Reward system BISHIEBUCKS! Where you get points for every single dollar you spend in our online store. Get additional points by signing up, celebrating your birthday or following us on Instagram. Top 5 members that spend the most at the end of each month will receive an additional 300 bonus points as a thank you for your support.

    Click the button (REWARDS) at the bottom right corner of your screen and start collecting your points today. It's free to sign up and all your reward points will automatically connect to your account. Never lose any points, and you know the best thing? Your points will never expire! Save your points and claim them on big rewards like 20% off your entire order or free shipping!

    Refer a friend and get a $5.00 off discount code with every single referral you make, start saving today! Referral discount applies to in-stock merchandise only. Contact us at any time for additional questions or concerns you may have.

    Q. Ready to Order?

    Fill our VIP Order Form today and start saving on your shipping, earn reward points with every dollar you spend, earn future discounts, and keep track of all your purchases! Form can be found when you hover over our "What's VIP Order?" thank you!
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