Sale Terms

Payment Policy

Currency for all payments processed is made in U.S Dollars. We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and any other major credit or debit card.

By placing an order with us you agree to all of our terms of service including; paying invoices on time, waiting period during pre-orders, and the shipping and dispatch process. All the information located on our website must be carefully read if you're a first time customer or a returning customer as many changes have been made. 


    Refund Policy

    Refunds may take anywhere from 4-7 days to return back into your account after processing has started. 

    Eligible for a Refund: 

    Not eligible for a Refund: 


      Returns & Exchanges

      Only exemptions:


        Cancellation & Limitations Policy

        Cancellations must be requested within the first 48 hours of placing a new order. After the window period ends we will no longer be able to cancel your order. We keep track of each customer's order cancellation totals. If you cancel items more than 2 times within a period of one month. We will no longer be able to accept any future orders from your customer account.

        Why do we limit cancellations?
        In order to be fair to all of our customers we have limited the cancellation policy to only 2 per month, 3 per 6 months, or 4 per year. Requesting further cancellations within the time period will result on account cancellation. 

        Can no be canceled, no exceptions:


        Shipping & Other Fees

        Shipping, taxes and any other applicable fees will be automatically calculated upon check out. The tax rate has been automatically added to the current state our business resides. If you're placing an order with our new VIP Ordering system then you will not be charged for shipping or any additional fees until you're ready to ship. 


          Hold Requests

          Please visit our VIP Order information page for more details on holding items for both in-stock and pre-orders. Buy more and save more!


            Dispatch & Arrival Time

            All orders are packed and dispatched by the end of every week. If you place an order during the weekend you won't have your package shipped to you until the following weekend, please keep this under consideration before ordering. Pre-order items will not be shipped until they have arrived. Check estimated dispatch dates for pre-orders before placing your order. If you're using our VIP Ordering system your shipping will also be processed at the end each week once you decide when you want to have your package shipped.

            Shipping may take anywhere between 4-7 business days to arrive after dispatch depending on your location. International packages may take up to 14-25 days to arrive and on rare occasions over a month depending on the shipping speed you chose, and your countries customs policy. 

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